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Crypto - helping combat identity theft!

Take back your privacy with Crypto!
Are you worried about the amount of personal information lying around social media sites like Facebook? Thousands of people are. They realise there are unscrupulous people trawling the web, collecting personal and other information and building up a picture of their lives. It's not a comfortable thought.

According to a recent Which? poll, privacy confusion amongst Facebook users is rife and comes at a time when identity theft is soaring.

The poll was conducted in May 2012 and involved 680 Facebook users. It found that  61% of respondents were concerned about strangers accessing information they'd posted, and 59% said they couldn't keep up with the number of changes Facebook had made to its data security settings. This was an 11% rise since the last survey in September 2011.

The findings were particularly worrying, said Which?, because recent figures had shown that identity theft was growing fast. In the first three months of 2012, almost 36,000 cases of ID fraud were recorded - a 40% increase on the same period last year. The rise had been linked to fraudulent activity online, where fraudsters access, steal, trade and use unguarded personal information.

Take back your privacy with Crypto!

Yes, you can! Crypto is fast, simple to use and costs less than the price of a good magazine or cup of coffee and a burger at your local fast-food takeaway. You simply enter a 'secret key' and type your message. Click a button and the message is turned into meaningless gobbledigook. Copy to your computer's clipboard and paste into Facebook as you would any normal post.

Now here's the clever bit. Someone, perhaps a close family member or friend, enters the same secret key into their own copy of Crypto and copies and pastes your gobbledigook Facebook posting into Crypto's message box. Click another button on Crypto and your secret message is revealed. Simple! Very safe, too. Sure, the CIA or MI5 would no doubt be able to decode your message, given the super computers and other resources at their disposal. But not so for 99.9999% of Facebook users!

Try Crypto first!

Why not try Crypto first before deciding if it's right for you? You can use Crypto up to 10 times before purchase of an unlock code is required. Otherwise, certain features of the software are disabled until you do. The price of the unlock code is USD $2.99 - or about GBP 1.90. The price has been set deliberately low in order for Crypto to be within reach of the majority of social media users.

Important, so please note!

Crypto has been designed to work on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. No guarantee is made it will run successfully on any other operating systems.

Crypto is downloadable as a zip file to reduce file size. However, some browsers will issue a warning about this. Please ignore. There is nothing harmful or dangerous about Crypto - no viruses or malware or anything untoward connected with the software. It is completely safe to use on your computer.

For more information, check out the Help page. Purchase the unlock code here.

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