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Crypto Help

Ever wanted to slag off your so-called 'Facebook friends' without them knowing; or tell your workmates what you really think of the boss without him ever finding out? Crypto them! It's quick and easy and a lot of fun, too! Of course, there's a serious side to Crypto which we'll talk about later.
There are two apects to using Crypto; the key, and the message you want to hide from prying eyes. The key can be any single word, or any phrase, sentence or group of symbols you care to choose. It is only known by you and by the person or group of people you wish to share it with.
If they have the key then they'll be able to read your secret messages. No one else will be able to. Take a look at the first image. Can you see the key? The key entered is: Stars and Stripes 2012! A point to note - accuracy is vital. If you leave out the exclamation mark at the end of 2012, for example, or used a lowercase 's' at the start of Stars and Stripes, then you would be using a completely different key as far as Crypto was concerned. Stars and Stripes 2012! and stars and Stripes 2012 are NOT the same key. So watch your accuracy!

Notice the two small buttons under Key:? The 'Hide' button hides the key you've entered so that no one can peek over your shoulder and see it. It's still there, however, but completely invisible. The 'Delete' button simply deletes the key.
Now we come to the secret message itself! With the key entered as explained above, simply click the tab 'Crypto message box' (the default) and begin typing your message. Easy! Look at the next image. The secret key,'Stars and Stripes 2012!' has been entered and I've entered some 'secret' info on the Declaration of Arbroath, just for example purposes.

By the way, the secret message can be one or two words long (maybe a web page url, for example) or several thousand words long (the latest chapter in your life story, perhaps). That's up to you. Crypto can handle it all at lightning speed!

Note:- if the size of the text is causing you a bit of a problem, go to the Text size buttons marked with a '+' symbol, and a '-' symbol, located at the top right of Crypto. Click on one or the other as many times as required to increase or decrease the size of the text. Very handy!
You've entered your secret key and written a message you don't want the rest of the world to read. So what's the next step? Look at the image. It shows the 'Crypto message box functions:' which are to be found at the bottom left of Crypto, below the message box.

Now click the button marked 'Make secret!'.  In less time than it takes you to blink, Crypto has scrambled your message into unreadable gobbledigook! Cool or what.

 Now copy the gobbledigook to your computer's clipboard by clicking the 'Copy to' button, as seen at the bottom of the next image, and then head on over to Facebook.

An important point to note! When making your message secret - by clicking the 'Make secret!' button - you can click the button as often as you want to. In other words, you can turn the first load of gobbledigook into yet more gobbledigook, making it even harder for anyone to decipher your message!

Of course, the reverse is the case when it comes to revealing the message. Just keep clicking the 'Reveal secret!' button until the message becomes readable. Simple.

Very important! If you click the 'Reveal secret!' button and nothing seems to be happening, check your key. It's probably wrong, or the message is not meant for you!

You've clicked the Clipboard: 'Copy to' button and loaded the contents of the message box into your computer's clipboard. Now right click your mouse in Facebook, select paste and then post to the world, just like you would with any message. Check out the Bin The Union page (and add a like, please, if you would be so kind). See the gobbledigook?

Now, any friend with whom you've shared the key with, and who has their own copy of Crypto, will be able to read your secret message. But no one else will be able to!

All they have to do is enter the exact same key into their copy of Crypto and then carefully highlight the gobbledigook message in Facebook and right click with their mouse to copy to their own computer's clipboard. Note the word carefully! Don't copy any extra words, letters, spaces when doing this. Otherwise you will not be able to decrypt the message!

Now click the 'Paste from' button in Crypto to paste the message into Crypto's message box.

To reveal the secret message, simply click the 'Reveal secret!' button in Crypto as many times as neccessary to reveal the contents of the message. That's it!

Remember, if nothing happens when clicking the 'Reveal secret!' button, chances are the key you've entered is wrong - or the message is not meant for you.
There's a serious side to Crypto!

You'd better believe it. Millions of people use Facebook and other social media sites every day. And every day, they leave some extremely personal information on these sites for all the world to see. Probably more than they should. Crypto enables users to take back control of their privacy.

For example, perhaps you want to pass on some private details to members of your family and no one else. So use a 'family' key, one which only members of your family know about. If you want to discuss some aspect of work with your colleagues, for example, use a 'work' key. The family and work keys should be completely different so that individual members of either group will not be able to read the other group's messages.

You can have as many different keys as you want, each targetting a different group. It's completely up to you. Use Crypto when you send email to a recipient on a regular basis. Email traffic is easy to intercept. It is certainly not secure. However, using Crypto, it will be!

Use Crypto off-line, too. Perhaps you're compiling a special report for your boss. Put down your thoughts in Crypto - and then scramble it with a secret, personal key. Paste it into a Word document which you then can save as you you would normally do. Copy back into Crypto and put in your special key. There it is, back again for you to work on some more.

What about creating a secret, personal diary?  It's all very easy to do with Crypto!

How secure is Crypto?

There's no system that's completely secure and Crypto is no exception. Put it this way, the CIA and MI5 would be able to decrypt the messages, given the super computers and other resources at their disposal. But not so the 99.999% of users of Facebook, for example!

To make things harder, change your keys on a regular basis. Use obscure keys - in other words, something nobody would be able to guess given the public information available on you. For example, if it's known you're a fanatical Manchester United fan, don't use 'Sir Alex Ferguson' or 'Wayne Rooney' as keys. Better keys would be 'Sir Alex Ferguson is the greatest manager in the world 2012' and 'Wayne Rooney is a fantastic goalkeeper - not!'. Or don't use anything to do with football at all. Hopefully, you get the picture.

Use a book to enable you to change keys regularly. How? Firstly, make sure everyone in the group uses the same book - and the same edition of the book. Then, to change a key, email them the page number (NOT THE TITLE!!), followed by the line number, followed by the number of words of the line to use.

For example, 26/12/7 (which is all you would send, nothing else) means page 26, line 12, the first seven words. That would be your key. Change it on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis. It's entirely up to you!